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We worked for a client in Northwestern Mexico, closing a facility, providing a team for interim plant management and providing a transitional management team for 52 MW electrical substation. Our client was kind enough to give us our Favorite Testimonial...


"I have worked with Mr. Lichtenheld on several projects. I hold he and his firm in the highest regard. He is a person of high moral character and driven to succeed. Eric has excellent problem solving abilities. He has the ability to take on multiple tasks simultaneously and produce high quality results while under deadline pressure.

Eric has been instrumental in resolving problems and issues while working as a consultant for ACCO. Eric has the ability to dissect problems into discrete elements, formulate a plan and then drive that plan to solve issues and problems. He goes out of his way to be available when needed.

 Finally, let me unequivocally state my strong recommendation to hire Intelligent Solutions LLC. Eric has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. His drive, abilities and determination will bring success to any project he undertakes. "


 Michael F. Molinaro

VP Global Strategic Initiatives

ACCO Brands Corporation


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